How to Pray for the Strategy 112 Mission Trip to South Africa

Phillip Wilson, Russ Simonson and I will leave for South Africa for short-term mission trip on Monday, August 29th. The primary focus of our trip will be training a group of 12 ministerial students in a theological college in Barberton in theology, expository preaching, leadership, and evangelism. Here are some ways you can pray:

  • Pray that the Lord would be preparing both our hearts and the hearts of the men in Barberton for a time of ministry that is maximally useful for their spiritual growth and deeper devotion to Christ and the Word.
  • Pray that we will quickly overcome the racial, cultural, and language barriers (they speak English, but not nearly as well as we do) and make a quick connection with the hearts of the men to whom we are ministering.
  • Pray that we will be able to get an exemption from having to pay tariffs on the $3400.00 worth of books we are taking to these men.
  • Pray for our wives (Holly Hedges, Michelle Wilson, and Lonnie Simonson) and children (Stephen and Matthew – due in October – Hedges and Caleb, Daniel, and Rebekah Wilson) that God would pour out abundant grace during our time away and keep their hearts free from worry.
  • Pray that we will not have any up close and personal encounters with black mambas (I’m serious!).
  • Pray that God would use our teaching and ministry to impart to these men (and to us) a deeper passion for the glory of Christ in the world.

The return trip will be on September 6-7. I will post more about the trip then.

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