Seven Random Things About Me

My sister-in-law over at City Streams tagged me for the seven-times-seventy meme. The idea is say seven random things about yourself then tag seven more people to do the same.

Here are the seven random things.

1. I've never had a broken bone, a cavity, or surgery of any kind. The only time I've had to stay over night in the hospital since birth (as a patient) was when I got into a bottle of pills when I was about a year old. My only real physical ailments are terrible eyesight (near-sightedness, astigmatism, and keratoconus) and mild arthritus (which seems worse in the winter). I'm really amazed at how blessed I've been with physical health, and am very thankful, as I have a very low pain tolerance!

2. Thanks to Dr. Donald S. Whitney, the author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, I have relinguished the use of all pens except fountain pens. I only have four of them so far, and my favorite is the True Writer pen from Levenger.

3. When I was in the third grade, my teacher (not my Mom - this was before being homeschooled) made me cry by embarrassing me in front of my class for making a silly remark to a friend about reading time being stupid. I don't know that it really did much harm, but it definitely made an impression. My fourth grade teacher made me do nine book reports. (I think I cried over this, too!) I was convinced I couldn't do them, and she convinced me that I could and showed me how. That teacher was my Mom. I've been writing (and reading!) almost ever since.

4. Some of my very best friends in the world are my siblings, Jason (a really smart computer guy who is also very compassionate and who regularly helps me better understand and empathize with other people); Andy (one of the best entertainers and funniest people I know; he can really get me to belly-laugh), and Anna (the sweetest teenager I've ever met - and someone who shares my fascination with fantasy literature).

5. When I was a kid I crashed into a church pew while chasing my little brother around church. The impact cut my head pretty badly. I was bleeding and my parents took me across the street to an emergency room, where the doctor sewed me up with blue stitches. I had a slight concussion, so Mom and Dad had to wake me up during the night and get me to talk. They asked me questions about my Empire Strikes Back trading cards. I was probably about seven years old.

6. Here's yet another story from when I was a kid. One time I really got in big trouble after my Dad told me not to pick the neighbor's cherries. I actually didn't (I've always disputed the justice of this discipline!), but the neighbors' daughter brought a whole bowl of cherries out to give me and a friend. When my friend saw my Dad coming out the door, we bolted to hide (at my friend's initiative - I was just going along with him!). My Dad saw us running, assumed the worst, and administered the rod of correction to the seat of understanding. Several years later this story popped up in a sermon illustration when my Dad was a guest preacher in a church in California. The next day, a lady from the church brought a HUGE box of fresh cherries picked from her own trees to give to our family!

7. I can do a pretty funny Sean Connery voice imitation from The Hunt for Red October.

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Amanda said...

Ooh, we'll get on it in day or two! (I hope.) :)

kt said...

I've never been much of a movie buff, but The Hunt for Red October is one of my favorites. I'd love to hear the impersonation!

It's cool that you have such good relationships with your siblings.