Quick-and-Dirty (and Beardless) Calvinism

Phillip Johnson's post on Quick-and-Dirty Calvinism is not new, but it is good and worth the read. One consolation I have is that no one can accuse me of being a beardless Calvinist!


David McKay said...

It is good to see you still have Michael Spencer's Internet Monk in your list of blogs, Brian. I'm wary of Phil Johnson's negative stuff about Michael. I think we have to read all blogs with discernment [even yours!] but there is much that is good about Michael's site. There are dozens of thoughtful, worthwhile articles.

Brian G. Hedges said...

Yeah, I agree David. The blogosphere can be a cruel place and I have a strong distaste for people who are constantly trying to decide who is in or out of the Reformed mix. Both Michael Spencer and Phil Johnson make me think and sometimes laugh and occasionally scowl. I don't agree with them (or anyone else for that matter - including me!) all the time, but I think they are both worth reading.