Christ Formed in You Update

Tim Challies and Mark Tubbs have each given the book a very generous mention.

Two or three days ago we received a very kind endorsement from Paul David Tripp, a pastor, preacher and author whose books have greatly helped me. This was an answered prayer. Of all the potential endorsements we were hoping for, the one from Tripp was at the top of my list. I won't post it here, but if you want to read it, it should be posted on the endorsements page at the Introducing Christ Formed in You site soon.

Today marked another of those wonderful milestone moments in this journey of writing a book. After a lengthy, but very encouraging conversation with my managing editor at Shepherd Press, Richard Irvin, I received a PDF of the typeset manuscript! It comes out at 260 pages of text, plus the End Notes, a Scripture Index, and a General Index. Though there a few things to correct here and there, we're now in the final hundred yard dash.

The next step is to compile the two indices.

Finally, it's not too late to request a free review copy of the book. If you're willing to read and review Christ Formed in You, send me an e-mail (brianghedges[at]gmail[dot]com) and I'll send you an electronic copy. Once you've either blogged about the book or written an online review for Amazon or another online bookseller, and once the book is published, I'll send you a signed hard copy. For the details on this offer, go here.

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