Links Worth a Look

One of the newer additions to my blogroll is Brian Croft's Practical Shepherding. Check out this convicting and challenging post on how to make sure you are individually discipling your children.

Mark Driscoll's D8night tips. I love #16: "Men: find a shirt with buttons, try two eyebrows instead of one, find a breath mint or 20, show up with a gift, don’t ogle other women, and go to a restaurant that does not have a spork."

Christian audio's free download of the month is Ministries of Mercy by Tim Keller. This is an essential book for all believers who want to develop a social conscience, especially for those serving in the diaconate.

Speaking of Keller, I was helped by his recent Scraps of Thoughts on Daily Prayer. And his next book, Generous Justice, is now available for preorder.

Check out Michael Hyatt's blog, which is partly responsible for inspiring the recent changes in my blog.

Finally, here is Excerpt #7 (of 22) from Christ Formed in You. You can also read the foreword by Don Whitney and the Introduction. And check out the first online review at While We Sojourn.


Amanda said...

I like Mark Driscoll. :) I watched his short video from Laodicea and I thought it fit nicely with last week's sermon. :)

John said...

Love the new look, Brian. And the cover art for your book looks great, too.