Brian Godawa: Director and Author

Brian Godawa makes movies and writes books. His most well-known film is To End All Wars, starring Kiefer Sutherland, and is very good. He has written two books, one of which I read this week. It is called Word Pictures: Knowing God Through Story & Imagination. I was struck by both how saturated with Scripture it was and relevant to the culture it was. I enjoyed it a lot. Here's a quote I really liked:

"The use of narrative and drama to communicate God’s Word and covenant is so prevalent in Scripture that some theologians that some theologians suggest we approach our theology in dramatic terms rather than the usual modernist metaphysical terms of facts, ideas, or propositions. Kevin Vanhoozer suggests we see the Bible not as . . . a dramatic script written by God, for the stage of the world, with humans as the actors, God as the author, the Holy Spirit as director, and the church as playing the final act. 'To become a Christian is to be taken up into the drama of God’s plan for creation.'"

For more, check out Godawa's book for yourself.

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