Check out The Making of Christ Formed in You

Editing is now underway!

I'm thrilled that Shepherd Press has contracted Kevin Meath to be the editor of Christ Formed in You. Kevin has edited books by guys like C. J. Mahaney, Paul Tripp, and Richard Phillips. But he not only has lots of experience with accomplished authors. He's also innovative.

One of his ideas was to take the editing process public: to show through a blog what it looks like to move from manuscript to finished product. I thought it was a great idea, and so did Shepherd Press. The blog, called The Making of Christ Formed in You, is now active. Check it out.


John said...

Very exciting!

mwh said...

You're awfully brave to allow this process to be so public.

I'm eager for you sake, though, for the book to be out. I know many people are going to profit from it (and it's a personal accomplishment as well!)