My Bookstore

You can now shop at Brian's Book Store! This is an Amazon Associates Store, with lists of books that I've handpicked (assuming you value my opinion!) for a number of different categories. Shop here and you will still get Amazon's low prices and I will receive a small commission for each book you purchase.

Here's a list of categories (more to come!):

Basic Study Tools

The Cross of Christ

Spiritual Formation

Biblical Theology

Life Together: Great Resources on the Church

Reformed Theology

Introducing the Puritans

My Favorite Biographies

My Favoritest Favorites!

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Rockin' Idea! I've been meaning to put together one of these! Of course mine would be all visual effects and motion graphics books! :)

mwh said...

Do you own and have you read (reference works aside) all the books in your bookstore? Wow!

Will you know who buys through your links, or do you just get a blind kick-back?

mwh said...
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Amanda said...

Really, I don't think my pastor should be feeding my addiction....


John said...

That's neat. I linked to it. I'm about to have to order D.A. Carson's "Biblical Interpretation and the Church." Do you have it?

Brian G. Hedges said...

mwh: I think I do own all of the books listed so far, except one - the BDAG, which I've never wanted to plunk down the money for! Aside from the reference works, I've probably read through or have read significant portions of 90-95% of the books listed. As far as I know, there's no way to tell who buys what - it's just a blind (and pretty small!) kick-back.

Amanda: This is one addiction I'd actually like to encourage!

John: I don't have that particular title by Carson, but I think I've dipped in it before (from the library). And thanks for linking me!