Random Thoughts

Life has been hectic enough lately that I pulled out Richard Swenson's helpful book Margin yesterday. I find myself returning to this book fairly often - every few months - to reread a chapter that helps me think again about how to maintain margin in either time, energy, health, or finances.

Some of my favorite authors (Peter O'Brien, Graeme Goldsworthy) hail from Australia and have been faculty members at Moore Theological College. I've also heard great things about Barry Webb who teaches Old Testament at Moore and recently purchased his commentary on Isaiah. So, I was interested to discover that Moore has a recommended books list.

Speaking of Australia, check out Matthias Media. I was recently shopping for a good, concise presentation of the gospel that we could use at church. MM's Two Ways to Live is one of the best I've found.

Our friends at Revive Our Hearts have put together a new website for the True Woman '08 Conference coming in October of this year. This is a sharp website and the conference promises to be great. I hope lots of our women from Fulkerson will attend (so fellow husbands, let's make it happen!).


mwh said...

My church in college used Two Ways to Live; it's good material. It has similarities to your Creation/Fall/Redemption/Restoration approach.

Brian G. Hedges said...

Yeah, I liked that it captures the big story line of Scripture and also emphasizes the Lordship of Christ.

I ordered the booklet sized version to put into a welcome packet we're going to start giving to visitors.

I'm also thinking about using their evangelism training material for a SS class or something.