Sad Goodbyes and a Sweet Promise

We're back from Texas. It was an intense trip and everyone either has been or is now currently sick. And, after two days of hard travel, we're all tired. But we're home safely and thankful for good weather (the snow hit in Michiana again today!). Despite sickness, our trip was a great blessing. It was really fun to be back with my family in Texas again. It was Susannah's first trip to Texas and the first time we've all been together since my brother Andy got married last year. We had a lot of fun visiting and playing games together.

Leaving them again was sad, though. When we had said most of our goodbyes and loaded the kids in the car, I turned to hug my Dad and tell him I loved him one more time. I got so choked up that all I could say was I love you, Dad and Bye.

The promise on my mind as we drove back home was Jesus's word to his disciples from Matthew 19:29: "And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name's sake, will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life." Though the goodbyes were sad, this promise from our Lord is sweet. No one will ever out-give, out-serve, or out-sacrifice God. Every loss for his sake will bring eternal gain. Even saying goodbye to one's family to serve the King on the other side of the country (or world!).


Scott said...

We are glad you are back!

Tim said...

You said it, Scott!

CityStreams said...

Hey! I loved this post. Did y'all get the Christmas present I sent Holly?

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed you while you were here - again! We were looking forward to catching up with you and your family.
Your parents are such a blessing and I know you miss them. We are praying for them and for your family. Tillery