Where have I been?

I realize that I've not blogged in days . . . or is that weeks?! Anyway, it's been a while. If you wonder where I've been, the answer is covered up in commentaries on Mark and 1 & 2 Thessalonians. I had been out of an expositional series through a book of the Bible since last May, and am now in two. And I'm loving it - learning so much, so thankful for the privilege of studying and teaching Scripture as my primary occupational task. But it's definitely squeezing out some other things . . .

HOWEVER, one of the few things it hasn't squeezed out is some other reading in books that I'm finding incredibly helpful on a personal and practical level - two books by Paul David Tripp and Timothy Lane: How People Change and Relationships: A Mess Worth Making. I'm about half through each and am just amazed by the incredible practicality and wisdom of these books, and have been deeply challenged and helped in my personal life. I've also found it very helpful to be reading these more practical books alongside the more technical exegetical study demanded in Mark and Thessalonians. I think the combination is good for a pastor, just as is the combination of preaching and personal relationships.

So, the main objectives of this blog-post are (1) to explain why my blogging is less frequent of late; and (2) to encourage you to purchase and read the books by Lane and Tripp (click on the books on the right to purchase from Amazon - and give me a kick-back commission!). You should also go to The Christian Counseling and Education Foundation to check out their other helpful books, booklets, and audio/video teaching materials. If you are dealing with conflicts in relationships, addictions, stress, worry, anger, fear, depression, communication struggles, parenting challenges, or just need help in your general progress in sanctification, this is the best one-stop shop you'll find for practical and biblical help. If you only read one book this year (besides Scripture), read one from CCEF. If you have to make a choice between eating and buying a book, fast tomorrow! What else can I say to motivate you to avail yourself of this material?

(BTW: for folks at Fulkerson Park, several of these titles are on our book table, at discounted prices, and we have another shipment of the booklets on order.)

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