The Power of Expository Preaching

I received in the mail today, The Master's Mantle, published by The Master's Seminary. The lead article is by John MacArthur, entitled "The Power of Expository Preaching." Here is a brief (and slightly adapted) outline:

Seven Reasons To Be Committed to Expository Preaching

1. It establishes the authority of God.
2. It exalts the lordship of Christ over his church.
3. It is the Word of God that the Spirit uses to save and sanctify.
4. It shows your people how to study the Word.
5. It guard against saying what is contrary to the Word of God.
6. It massively impacts genuineness in worship.
7. It protects your people from sin, temptation, error, and carnality, which are deadly to the church.

The Results of Bible Exposition

1. A church that is full of genuine Christians.
2. A church that thinks biblically.
3. A church that is strong.
4. A belief that is tested at every text.

Coming from a man of God who has been faithful in the ministry for over 40 years, I take words like these quite seriously. It makes me want to be faithful to the text of Scripture, and gives me incentive to keep studying hard.

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