Piper and Driscoll - Still Friends!

Mark Driscoll has posted an e-mail exchange between he and John Piper (with Piper's permission) regarding Piper's comments about Mark at the conference last week. Read it. I think you will grow to love and respect both of these men even more, as I did.

(HT: Justin Taylor, who, incidentally, did an excellent job with the interviews last week.)

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mwh said...

I heard Dr. Piper's comments. Though I have not read any of the froth in the blogosphere, I think anyone who is churning up the waters clearly missed Piper's tone. If such was done to me, I would not have viewed it as a stab in the back. I don't know if Driscoll had heard the audio, but if he had, I think he would have clearly realized the intention of Piper's gentle words. Piper's right, these people have too much time on their hands. And Driscoll obviously handled it with candor, directness, and humility