Does Church Membership Matter?

Does church membership matter? Mark Dever thinks so. Read what he thinks here. Excellent.

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Brian G. Hedges said...

I am more concerned about the Christmas & Easter only people than faithful attendees who never join. In my circles, people who show up for communion, but never any other time don't happen (but we have communion about once a month). But that would concern me too. The Apostle John's words have to kick in at some point: "by this we know we have passed from death to life because we love the brothers." People who don't love believers, evidently do not love the Lord either.

What about attendees who do not join? I personally feel responsible for them as I do for members. Anyone who regularly sits under my ministry is probably someone for whom I will some day give an account. But I do think people in this category need education and instruction. They need to see why commitment to a local church is important. Josh Harris wrote a good book a couple of years ago called "Stop Dating the Church." Good title, good book, and good advice for the uncommitted church attendee.

Thanks for posting regularly on this blog. I always enjoy your comments and look forward to meeting you face to face next week.