"All it takes to be happy . . ."

I have now finished The Rule of Four, the novel I've been working on for several weeks for light reading. I actually picked the book up based on the book review written by Sam Storms. Frankly, I wasn't as impressed as Storms was and do not particularly recommend the book. If you like F. Scott Fitzgerald or W. Somerset Maughan, you might like the flavor of The Rule of Four, but I suspect most readers would enjoy something by Ted Dekker a whole lot more. However, I did discover one sentence worth quoting and remembering: "All it takes to be happy is to love the right things, in the right amounts." I think that's true. A happy life is a life with well-ordered affections, where God is first and others are second. Human misery is the result of the opposite: loving the wrong things in the wrong amounts - or even loving the right things in the wrong amounts. Disordered affections. Let the reader understand.

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