Why Read the Bible?

We pick up the Book not to wrap a bit of God around us, not to draw God into acting in our lives, but we pick up the book to twine our lives into the lacework of God, to draw us into God, to be a string fastened to the Center. For the web is His and we are not the main character in the story of our lives, but He is, Him wreathing all radiance.

--Ann Voskamp on The Art of Scripture Reading: Why Read the Bible?

She gives three answers:

1. We read the Bible to really live, to stay in the web of real existence:

The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. - Jn. 6:63

2. We read the Bible to bring true design and right, beautiful formation to our lives:

"...until Christ be formed in you." - Gal. 4:19

3. We read the Bible, a book of revelation, not to learn more things, but ultimately to see more God:

"The Lord appeared...by the word of the Lord." - 1 Samuel 3:21

[Photo Credit: Hope Voskamp]

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