Books to Africa (Part 2)

One of the highlights of my year is the privilege of delivering bibles and books to the needy students and pastors of Africa. I really just consider myself the delivery man in this venture, because the actual purchase comes from the donations of my family, friends, and fellow-believers.

This year we were able to purchase 55 ESV Study Bibles to give to the first year students at BBTC.

It would be hard to exaggerate how big of a deal this is to them - many of whom make great sacrifices just to attend the college. (For example, I talked to one student from Zambia who is married with three children. He is so poor that he couldn't even afford a bus ticket back home for month long break from school coming in July.)

To all those who donated, here is a letter of thanks (lightly edited) from the rector of the college, Shai Mulder:

Dear Family and Friends of Jesus,

Our Bible College is a Missionary Faith College having 120 students from 16 African countries, training pastors, to win Africa for Jesus. Our College is accredited to Calvary University UK. The weakest link at our Bible College is our library. At present we have only 5000 books. These books cannot satisfy any post-graduate studies.

The visit of Rev Brian Hedges and Bro Ben Seal is always a highlight for the students for their valuable preaching and teaching. Your gift of ESV Study Bibles is so precious. Thanks a million on behalf of all staff and students. You are helping our pastors to build their own little library. May God bless you. Matt. 25:40.

Your BBTC family in Christ,

Dr. Shai Mulder

Rector, BBTC

As mentioned in Shai's letter above, the college library is really in need of development. I returned from this trip with a new burden to help the college build this library up. What we're doing for the students in providing Bibles is invaluable. But so much more could be done to help the school by getting their library filled out and up to date. I've got some ideas for how to do this that I may share later, but for now let me just say that if you are interested in helping financially, please contact me.

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