Back from Back to the Bible Training College

Today Ben and I returned home after a week with Back to the Bible Training College (BBTC), the school in Africa with which our church has partnered for training and equipping African pastors.

I'll be posting more about the trip in upcoming days, but for now check out the new blog that Ben set up for BBTC. The first two posts are videos featuring highlights of our 2009 trip and the rector's vision for expansion.

One of the cool things was seeing how God has already begun providing for the expansion in remarkable ways. In fact, every time I visit BBTC, I'm struck by the school's living demonstration of faith. Their monthly expenses are something around $7000 a month (simple and meager for a school with over one hundred students), but they have only three regular sponsors whose total giving in a year probably doesn't even cover a full month. They pray in the rest, George Mueller style.

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