Boasting in Weakness

Here's an interesting way to use for Bible study. After reading through 2 Corinthians this morning, I decided to run the entire text through wordle to produce a word cloud. Here's what I got.

Wordle: 2 Corinthians
If you group together words like "danger," "affliction," "death," and "weak," the theme begins to emerge - 2 Corinthians is about Boasting in Weakness.

NOTE: Sorry, the image is not very clear. But if you click on it, you'll see the actual image on Wordle's website.

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mwh said...

I like text clouds myself. I think they can be beneficial communication devices. I've used TagCrowd before myself. TagCrowd gives you the html code to paste directly into your website for better resolution, although I admit the layout doesn't look quite as nice as Wordle. You could always print the image to pdf or do a screen capture for better resolution