The Shadowlands: A Pilgrim's Journey to the City

A little more than five years ago now, I attended my first Desiring God conference. In that conference I met Tim and Lisa Smith, good folks and some of my best friends from Fulkerson. The Lord knit our hearts together, which led to an invitation to candidate at Fulkerson for the pastorate, where I've now served for just over five years. During that conference I also met Dan Cummings, a seasoned pastor who providentially was able to give me some good advice before coming to Fulkerson. This week I learned that he has incurable colon cancer. He is chronicling his journey on a blog called The Shadowlands: A Pilgrim's Journey to the City. Read. Weep. Pray. And rejoice.


mwh said...

How did you meet Dan? Obviously at the conference, but what was the point of introduction?

The geographic name of his church makes a nice double entendre for them. :-)

Brian G. Hedges said...

I met Dan and a lot of his staff at the Minneapolis airport. I don't remember exactly how - I think someone just struck up conversation about the conference.

lisatatj said...

His thoughts are soooo beautiful...I also LOVE the ending of the Chronicles of Narnia on the side bar and the Jonathan Edwards quote!

The promise of Heaven... God has been reminding me of that lately... I am very thankful and thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

There is an intense genuineness here. It seems that one does not get so powerfully into such truths without standing in the midst of the fire with Jesus. What praise for God flows from such submission in woundedness.

Thanks for sharing the link to that blog.

Dave Shoop said...

Brian --

Thanks for leading people to Dan's blog. Please let people know to pray especially for Dan on the days that he doesn't post ... Those are the h-a-r-d days.

My favorite "Dan quote": "Dave, I'm just trying to live out my theology." Wow. Exactly what we all should do.

Grace --

Dave Shoop, Assoc. Pastor of Covenant Community
Five Points Community Church
Auburn Hills, MI

mark said...

Dear Five Points family,

It is with great sadness that the Five Points Community Church council
of elders informs you that Pastor Dan Cummings passed away at around
9:20 PM this evening, following the hospital procedure to remove fluid
from his lungs. We send our heartfelt condolences to the family but
rejoice that he is now "swimming in the ocean of his Father's love."

We will post details of funeral arrangements when the information
becomes available.