A Sunday to Rest

Today was an unusual Sunday for me in that we canceled our church services this morning (because of heavy snow fall and dangerous road conditions). I think that's the first time we've canceled a morning worship service since I became pastor almost five years ago.

I missed the time of corporate worship. But I also enjoyed the rest - a rare thing for pastors on Sundays!

I also am excited about the chance to let the sermon I've been working on for the last several days percolate and simmer for two weeks (I'm off next Sunday). That's rare, too - and I often wish that I could spend two or three weeks preparing each sermon. I would love to consistently have several weeks to think through not only the truth content of the message, but how to communicate, illustrate, and apply what I'm teaching.

Tomorrow morning we leave for a long over due visit to my family in Texas. We've not been there since August of last year and are all very excited about spending Christmas together.


Amanda said...

I hope you have safe travels and a great time with your family.


Tim said...

Have a great trip brother, I am glad for your rest and time off with family.

Amanda said...

Hey - We've got OotP, if you want to borrow it/watch it with us when you get back. :)