After fifteen and a half hours in the car yesterday we are finally in Athens, Georgia for two weeks of vacation! We are staying with my wife's parents who are extremely generous in sharing their home and providing free child care. The agenda for these two weeks is pretty simple: spend plenty of time with Holly and the kids and spend plenty of time in unhurried, not-for-sermon-preparation, reading and reflection.

This morning Stephen and I played with Legos for a little while, then cleaned out the van (which was totally trashed with left-over french fries and chicken nuggets from our multiple stops at McDonalds yesterday!). Now I'm catching up on a few e-mails and blogging briefly between chapters in a book.

I may post a couple of times over the next few weeks, but don't expect regular blogging again until we're back home. Then I hope to get back to regular posting again.

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lisatatj said...

Thanks for the update and very good to know you made it safely...

OOOO, and ENJOY!!!!!!! we miss you guys!