Sermons by John Stott

I could scarcely believe my eyes tonight when I discovered that All Souls Church, Langham Place has an online archive of sermons dating all the way back to 1966!

All Souls is where John R. W. Stott was rector for many years. Stott is arguably one of the most influential and articulate preachers of the twentieth century. I've benefited from his expositional commentaries for years now, and have never heard him preach (until now . . . I'm listening to his sermon on Romans 3:21-31 as I blog). Wow. This is a gold mine! Did I say I was excited about this?

I hope you will check it out. You will have to register to use the site, but the sermon downloads are free. Check out the very helpful search features. As I said above, the sermons date all the way back to 1966 with John Stott's series on Galatians called Only One Gospel. Plus there are sermons by dozens of other preachers and teachers, including men like Don Carson, Mark Dever, Dallas Willard, Christopher Wright, and Philip Yancey. I'm serious - this is an incredible site. Check it out.


Jeff said...

Hi Brian,

One thing I find sad (and strange) is for such a well-respected theologian & Bible teacher who denies the eternality of hell. Can you talk a little about that? I know so little about Stott's position, or if it is even true. I've benefitted from his Acts commentary so far...

Grace & peace to you,

Brian G. Hedges said...

The only place that I know of where Stott attempts a defense of annihilation is a book called Evangelical Essentials: A Liberal Evangelical Dialogue, co-authored with David L. Edwards. He is not persuasive.

But I've never encountered an articulation of his position in his commentaries or other books. He simply leaves the question unanswered. Because it is a position that Stott himself holds tenuously and in the margins rather than the center of his teaching, I have not felt it worth censuring him with every recommendation of his books or sermons.