Carson MP3s: A Gold-mine of Biblical Teaching and Preaching

Andy Naselli has collected virtually all of the messages and lectures of Don Carson that are available online. This is a gold-mine for students of Scripture. Ever wondered how to interpret the book of Revelation and wished a preacher would actually preach on it? Do you struggle with how the New Testament uses the Old Testament and want some answers? Still trying to figure out just what postmodernism is? Are you mystified by all this talk about the "emerging" church? Wondering what in the world the "new perspective" on Paul is all about? Just want someone to talk to you about Jesus and tell you how he is the bread of life, the word of God, the Son of God? Longing for some biblical teaching on the role of pastors and elders? Want some short expository series for a change - like six sermons covering Hebrews instead of sixty? For all the above, just go here.

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