Sell Your Extra Suit and Buy This Book!

The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges has really helped me today. It is one of those old books written in a day when pastors breathed different air. Not the culture-polluted smog of church growth secrets, reinventing the wheel of ministry innovation, or managerial success, but the pure undiluted oxygen of the gospel. I have been working on it intermittently for most of this year. Every time I pick it up, I am challenged, convicted, and strengthened. I would place it right along side of Baxter's The Reformed Pastor, Spurgeon's Lectures to My Students, or Lloyd-Jones's Preaching and Preachers. If you are (or desire to be) a pastor or elder, sell your extra suit and buy this book! It is easily one of the most valuable books in my library.


mwh said...

Would you care to share any of your/his insights that make the book so profitable?

Anonymous said...

When was it written?

mwh said...

Katie got me a copy of The Reformed Pastor a while back, and I've been wanting to read it for some time....sigh....maybe this winter.

Brian G. Hedges said...

I will probably do some further posts on this book next week - possibly a full review or at least some highlights.

The book was written in the 19th century.

Baxter is a classic - well worth digging into!