New Messages

My current sermon series, "Money Talks" is now available online for mp3 download. The titles are:

Money and God (Sept. 17, 2006)
Money and Worry (Sept. 24, 2006)
Money and Contentment (Oct. 1, 2006) (this one was preached by a godly man in our church, Jeff Norris)
Money and Wisdom (Oct. 8, 2006)
Money and Sin (Oct. 15, 2006)
Money and Giving (Oct. 22, 2006)

Also available is a recent message called: A Picture of Spiritual Health (it is on Psalm 63, and was preached on Sept. 10, 2006) and a powerful message by a recent guest speaker, Dr. Walter Price, on The Gospel.


Jeffrey A. Norris said...

I sure don't feel godly. One thing God is faithful to do; He puts me through the fire before He tests the silver. It was and still is humbling to prepare a single message. I am more and more amazed and praise God for you, and how you faithfully prepare strong expositional messages week after week after week. God has blessed us with your efforts!

Tim said...

I fully agree with Jeff.