Piper Back from Sabbatical

John Piper is back after a five-month sabbatical in England, where he spent most of his time studying and writing the substance of two new books. He also squeezed in some leisure time, including a viewing of the stage musical Les Miserables (one of my favorites!) and some touring of England. He wrote a long letter describing he sabbatical, which I personally found edifying and encouraging in several ways. You can read that letter here.


Charles e. Whisnant said...

Wouldn't it be good if we all could take five months off, and come back and have a church/

Since this is my first response to your site, I would like to comment on the post of July 18th. I though you made come very good points. We need to be Fire Hydrant even as preachers.

John said...

Reading the Word is sometimes like a fire hydrant...
I enjoy the "content heavy sermons", and I'm thankful that there are those like you (and your Dad)that preach the Word of God. (Does that run in the family?)
May the Lord continue to bless us with ministers that preach sermons with substance!
I would also like to take a five month "vacation" to study the things that are important. I'm thankful for the one a week that we do have.