You Need to Read David Powlison

Yesterday I finished David Powlison's book Seeing With New Eyes: Counseling and the Human Condition Through the Lens of Scripture, and I'm telling you, you need to read this guy. Few authors have more insight into the intersections of the Holy Scriptures and the human soul than Powlison. He sees clearly through the smog and fog of psychology, psychiatry, and all the other psychobabble out there and writes with wit and wisdom, in ways both deeply theological and painfully practical, about issues like roles and relationships, anger and anxiety, motives and desires. As I worked through the second half of this book this week I found my own thinking and counseling carefully and biblically corrected. Powlison has a way of making what looks straight in our normal modes of thinking appear truly crooked against the straight lines and hard angles of Scripture. I can hardly recommend him enough. On my reading list now is also his new book, Speaking Truth in Love: Counsel in Community. Sell your possessions and go buy Powlison!

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