Bryan Chapell on Preaching

Bryan Chapell's book, Christ-centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon, is the best overall book on preaching that I have ever read. If you would like to spend a brief but valuable five minutes getting a good feel for Chapell's perspective on preaching (including his thoughts on redemptive-historical preaching, preaching in postmodernism, steps to sermon-preparation, etc.) check out Chapell's answers to the Reformation 21 Preaching Survey.


Donnie Jr said...

Hello Brian,

I hope you are well. Recently, I was in Texas (we now live in Wichita Kansas) and visited with Brother Kenny Dalton. He gave me a copy of Heartcry mag. I saw an article of yours so you have been on my mind.

Today I put a rough draft blog together at and looked you up on the church's site and your meretheology blog.

So, I am just saying hello and may our Lord bless you mightily in 2006.

Donnie Halbgewachs

David McKay said...

Brian, your blog was one of the great finds of 2005. I pray God will continue to guide and use you for his glory in 2006.