Tattoos and Piercing, Christ and Culture

How are Christians to engage cultural issues like tattoos and body-piercing? Here are two perspectives worth reading. In one corner is the Pyromaniac (“Still more from the e-mail out-box”). In the other is The Internet Monk (“High Culture, Low Lifes and Judgement In The Household of God: Answering That Tattoo/Piercing Question”). They agree in some points, but not all. I found them both helpful in some ways and worth reading. But I would recommend that you not read one without also reading the other.


Tim said...

so what's your take on the issue?

Brian G. Hedges said...

I don't have a problem with tattoos or piercing, per se, but I agree with Phil Johnson that it is a poor way to evangelize. And I agree with Michael Spenser that we must confront culture with Christ Himself, not another culture.

Michael Spencer said...

And I'm right. Add that in there :-)