Be Aware of the Things that Make Sin More Abhorent in the Sight of God

1. The clearer your understanding of what is good and what is evil in God's eyes, the greater your sin.
2. The greater profession you have made of devotion to Christ, the greater your sin.
3. The more mercies you have received from God, the greater your sin.
4. The fuller the warning you have received from the Word of God as well as from your own conscience about the danger of sin, the greater the sin when you have gone on in it.
5. The greater the chastenings you have received for your sin, the greater the sin if you go on it.
6. The more vows and promises you have made of better obedience, the greater your sin.
7. The more aware you are that you are violating God's law, the more liable you are to his just punishments.

Matthew Henry, A Way to Pray, p. 60ff

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