Christ Formed in You Update

Updates on my book:

Semi-final introduction is written and online.

Kevin wrote a post about the goal of the book: a unified vision of gospel spirituality.

The semi-final Table of Contents:

Christ Formed in You
The Power of the Gospel for Personal Change

Part I: The Foundations of Personal Change
1. Restoring God’s Broken Image: The Goal
2. The Key to Transformation: The Gospel
3. The Curse is Canceled: Justification
4. The Cure Has Begun: The Heart
5. Closing the Gap: Sanctification

Part II: The Path of Personal Change
6. Captivated by Beauty: Holiness
7. The Killing of Sin: Mortification
8. Growing in Grace: Vivification
9. The Quest for Joy: Motivation

Part III: The Means of Personal Change
10. Training in the Spirit: Disciplines
11. The Refiner’s Fire: Suffering
12. Life Together: Community

Things you can pray for:
  • The completion of chapters 1 and 12. These are still in editing, and chapter 12 will need substantial revision. This will probably happen in the next two weeks.
  • Endorsements. I have endorsements in from Kris Lundgaard and Don Whitney, but there are at least half a dozen other potential endorsements that I'd still like to see come in.
  • Marketing. Of course, I'll be talking with Shepherd Press about this and I'm sure they have some great ideas. Some marketing depends on the author. And the best marketing may be word-of-mouth recommendations. So, spread the word! :)
  • Most importantly, pray for the Lord to use this book to help people in their spiritual growth.

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