Links Worth a Look

The always witty Douglas Wilson is blogging through the new issue of Tabletalk, which is devoted to N. T. Wright and the New Perspective. Even if you don't read Tabletalk, Wilson's commentary is worth reading.

Speaking of Tabletalk, you should take a look at their online archives. Some good stuff here.

I'm currently reading John Stott's The Contemporary Christian and may blog about it later. It's good enough that I wish every Christian I know would read it. And if you want, to you can buy it used on Amazon for as low as $. 73 (plus shipping)!

My friend John Bird, over at While We Sojourn, talks about how to get free books by doing reviews on your blog for publishers. This is a good deal for both bloggers and publishers, as it provides books for the one and marketing for the other. I liked John's post enough that I forwarded it to my publisher in hopes that they will do the same.

I'm on a C. S. Lewis kick (again!) and have added this four volume set to my wish list. It's the ultimate collection of essays on Lewis, but is outrageously priced. I'll happily accept donations towards the purchase for my own personal library. (grin)

Check out Mark Driscoll's interviews of R. C. Sproul. I have really been enjoying these.

The Desiring God Pastor's Conference this year is only about ten days away. The topic is Christian Hedonism. The key note speaker is Sam Storms. And Piper's biography is on C. S. Lewis. I'm drooling now.

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