The Sands of Time are Sinking

1. The sands of time are sinking, the dawn of Heaven breaks;
The summer morn I’ve sighed for—the fair, sweet morn awakes:
Dark, dark hath been the midnight, but dayspring is at hand,
And glory, glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

2. The King there in His beauty, without a veil is seen:
It were a well spent journey, though seven deaths lay between:
The Lamb with His fair army, doth on Mount Zion stand,
And glory—glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

3. O Christ, He is the fountain, the deep, sweet well of love!
The streams of earth I’ve tasted more deep I’ll drink above:
There to an ocean fullness His mercy doth expand,
And glory, glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

4. With mercy and with judgment my web of time He wove,
And aye, the dews of sorrow were lustered with His love;
I’ll bless the hand that guided, I’ll bless the heart that planned
When throned where glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

5. O I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved’s mine!
He brings a poor vile sinner into His “house of wine.”
I stand upon His merit—I know no other stand,
Not even where glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

6. The Bride eyes not her garment, but her dear Bridegroom’s face;
I will not gaze at glory but on my King of grace.
Not at the crown He giveth but on His pierced hand;
The Lamb is all the glory of Immanuel’s land.

--Anne Cousin, 1857


mwh said...

You're absolutely right: this is an excellent song. We first fell in love with it in college, and liked it so much we chose to use it in our wedding.

May the bridegroom be worshipped!!!

Essay said...

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robert said...

Your quotation of Anne Cousin's beautiful hymn caught my eye this morning. It was sung at the bedside of a dying Charles Spurgeon, on this date in 1892. If you enjoy reading about the history of our hymns and their authors, I encourage you to check out my daily blog on the subject, Wordwise Hymns.

Also noted your expository preaching through the Scriptures. Bless you! That is exactly the spiritual food God's people need. Too many "sermonettes" today loaded with pop psychology and maybe a verse here or there--often taken out of context. May the Lord richly bless you and your people through His Word.