Resources on Psalms

For those who want to supplement my current sermon series, The Psalms, Your Soul, and the Savior, with reading or listening material, here are some helpful resources to check out.

Tremper Longman's How to Read the Psalms on Google Books. You can't read it all, but you can read excerpts and decide if you want to buy the book.

The Singing Savior, Edmund Clowney's short article on the relationship between Jesus and the Psalms.

MP3 Audio Downloads of the Psalms (available in NIV or KJV).

Sovereign Grace Music's new album, Psalms: Echoing the Psalmist's Passion, Prayer, and Praise.

Keith Mathison's picks for Top 5 Commentaries on the Psalms.

And finally, Richard Belcher's The Messiah and the Psalms, the most stimulating and helpful book I've found on Psalms (so far).


mwh said...

That's an interesting/eclectic list of commentaries Mathison put together.

Will you be reviewing Belcher's book?

Brian G. Hedges said...

Mathison's list is interesting. Not sure I agree, but I haven't spent enough time in the commentaries yet to know which is best. I've started using John Goldingay's though, and it is quite good.

Yeah, I might do a review of Belcher. Haven't finished it yet, but I've been impressed - both with the solid scholarship and his Christ-centered approach to hermeneutics.

mwh said...

Goldingay...that's another interesting name in the alphabet soup of authors.

I noticed on Amazon that no one had reviewed Belcher's book yet; that's why I asked.

Bethany said...

Do you have a list of the reading schedule through the Psalms that was in the bulletin? I lost mine.