Jonathan Edwards Online

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University has now unleashed on the world wide web, version 2.0 of their mammoth undertaking: to make the Yale critical edition of Edwards' works, along with hundreds of unpublished manuscripts, available and searchable online for free!

[Pounding heart!]

This is incredible. I've purchased a few of these volumes (at $75 each!!!) over the years, and they are excellent. Now you can browse and search all (except vol. 26) of them.

Here are the volumes (note that only the first twenty-six have actually been published!):

Freedom of the Will (WJE Online Vol. 1)
Religious Affections (WJE Online Vol. 2)
Original Sin (WJE Online Vol. 3)
The Great Awakening (WJE Online Vol. 4)
Apocalyptic Writings (WJE Online Vol. 5)
Scientific and Philosophical Writings (WJE Online Vol. 6)
The Life of David Brainerd (WJE Online Vol. 7)
Ethical Writings (WJE Online Vol. 8)
A History of the Work of Redemption (WJE Online Vol. 9)
Sermons and Discourses 1720–1723 (WJE Online Vol. 10)
Typological Writings (WJE Online Vol. 11)
Ecclesiastical Writings (WJE Online Vol. 12)
The "Miscellanies": (Entry Nos. a–z, aa–zz, 1–500) (WJE Online Vol. 13)
Sermons and Discourses: 1723–1729 (WJE Online Vol. 14)
Notes on Scripture (WJE Online Vol. 15)
Letters and Personal Writings (WJE Online Vol. 16)
Sermons and Discourses, 1730–1733 (WJE Online Vol. 17)
The "Miscellanies," (Entry Nos. 501–832) (WJE Online Vol. 18)
Sermons and Discourses, 1734–1738 (WJE Online Vol. 19)
The "Miscellanies," 833–1152 (WJE Online Vol. 20)
Writings on the Trinity, Grace, and Faith (WJE Online Vol. 21)
Sermons and Discourses, 1739-1742 (WJE Online Vol. 22)
The "Miscellanies," (Entry Nos. 1153–1360) (WJE Online Vol. 23)
The "Blank Bible" (WJE Online Vol. 24)
Sermons and Discourses, 1743–1758 (WJE Online Vol. 25)
"Controversies" Notebook (WJE Online Vol. 27)
Minor Controversial Writings (WJE Online Vol. 28)
"Harmony of the Scriptures" (WJE Online Vol. 29)
"Prophecies of the Messiah" (WJE Online Vol. 30)
"History of Redemption" Notebooks (WJE Online Vol. 31)
Correspondence by, to, and about Edwards and His Family (WJE Online Vol. 32)
"Misrepresentations Corrected" Draft (WJE Online Vol. 33)
"Original Sin" Notebook (WJE Online Vol. 34)
Sermon Notebooks (WJE Online Vol. 36)
Documents on the Trinity, Grace and Faith (WJE Online Vol. 37)
Dismissal and Post-Dismissal Documents (WJE Online Vol. 38)
Church and Pastoral Documents (WJE Online Vol. 39)
Autobiographical and Biographical Documents (WJE Online Vol. 40)
Family Writings and Related Documents (WJE Online Vol. 41)
Sermons, Series II, 1723-1727 (WJE Online Vol. 42)
Sermons, Series II, 1728-1729 (WJE Online Vol. 43)
Sermons, Series II, 1729 (WJE Online Vol. 44)
Sermons, Series II, 1729-1731 (WJE Online Vol. 45)
Sermons, Series II, 1731-1732 (WJE Online Vol. 46)
Sermons, Series II, 1731-1732 (WJE Online Vol. 47)
Sermons, Series II, 1733 (WJE Online Vol. 48)
Sermons, Series II, 1734 (WJE Online Vol. 49)
Sermons, Series II, 1735 (WJE Online Vol. 50)
Sermons, Series II, 1736 (WJE Online Vol. 51)
Sermons, Series II, 1737 (WJE Online Vol. 52)
Sermons, Series II, 1738, and Undated, 1734-1738 (WJE Online Vol. 53)
Sermons, Series II, 1739 (WJE Online Vol. 54)
Sermons, Series II, January-June 1740 (WJE Online Vol. 55)
Sermons, Series II, July-December 1740 (WJE Online Vol. 56)
Sermons, Series II, January-June 1741 (WJE Online Vol. 57)
Sermons, Series II, July-December 1741 (WJE Online Vol. 58)
Sermons, Series II, January-June 1742 (WJE Online Vol. 59)
Sermons, Series II, July-December 1742, and Undated, 1739-1742 (WJE Online Vol. 60)
Sermons, Series II, 1743 (WJE Online Vol. 61)
Sermons, Series II, 1744 (WJE Online Vol. 62)
Sermons, Series II, 1745 (WJE Online Vol. 63)
Sermons, Series II, 1746 (WJE Online Vol. 64)
Sermons, Series II, 1747 (WJE Online Vol. 65)
Sermons, Series II, 1748 (WJE Online Vol. 66)
Sermons, Series II, 1749 (WJE Online Vol. 67)
Sermons, Series II, 1750 (WJE Online Vol. 68)
Sermons, Series II, 1751 (WJE Online Vol. 69)
Sermons, Series II, 1753 (WJE Online Vol. 71)
Sermons, Series II, 1754-1755 (WJE Online Vol. 72)
Sermons, Series II, 1756-1758,Undated, and Fragments (WJE Online Vol. 73)

This is a treasure-trove. Do yourself a favor and spend a few hours on this site!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for pointing this out.

mwh said...

I've heard that Yale teaches a whole course on "the handwriting of Jonathan Edwards", so that Ph.D. candidates can learn to decipher his scrawl.

andrew said...

What a great resource. I only hope that more archives follow suit.

At George Marsden's retirement celebration, Harry Stout - the director of the Center - said (I'm paraphrasing) that Marsden's biography of Edwards functions as a justification for the Center's work over the last several years by showing what can now be accomplished with the newly available materials. That should be all the endorsement anyone who hasn't yet read Marsden's biography needs to get them to read it (alongside, of course, these primary sources.) Marsden also just published a shorter, more popular version for those daunted by the 600-page original.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for alerting me to this!

Great minds of the past.

I just posted on John Owen's "On Sin and Mortification" today!

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