Calvinists and Arminians Together

Mark Dever, on the T4G blog shows that he against Evangelicals and Catholics Together, but FOR Calvinists and Arminians Together.

In the last few weeks, however, I've been asked a couple of interesting questions about T4G that I thought might be of interest to you, dear reader. One dear friend asked me if T4G was a 5-point Calvinst rally. He (a non 5-point Calvinist) asked me this in the best spirit, and I told him honestly that it was a fine question, and that the conference was more a natural outgrowth of friendships. I even had another friend, an Arminian, tell me how much he appreciated T4G and encouraged me to do whatever I could to "reach out" to Bible-believeing Arminians. This friend was, perhaps, calling for a meeting for another kind of TOGETHERNESS--Calvinists and Arminians TOGETHER!

Friends, I will let Al, CJ & Lig explain what they think about cooperation with other evangelicals, but I have always been at least an informal member of Calvinists and Arminians Together! I'm a Southern Baptist! I was involved in Inter-Varsity! I went to Gordon-Conwell! . . . . I deliberately dedicated What is a Healthy Church? to a Baptist, a Methodist and a Presbyterian pastor. I didn't make it explicit, but I thought that right now it might be a small encouragement to help us realize where the real front line is. The real front line is not between Calvinist evangelicals and Arminian evangelicals. It is between those who are lost in their sins and those who have been saved by God's sheer grace in Christ.

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