Eleven Things You Can Do to Fight Abortion and Protect Life

As further application to yesterday's message - especially for members and attendees of Fulkerson Park - I thought I'd provide a list of eleven things you can do to follow up in personal pro-life work.

1. Pray. Make a tangible commitment to regularly pray (a) for the closing of local abortion clinics, (b) for the success of pro-life legislation in our nation, (c) for the ministry of the Pregnancy Care Center of Niles.

2. Give. Fill those baby-bottles with loose change, but do more. Become a regular giving partner with the PCC. If you want to know more about their needs, you can call them at (269)684-6200. Ask for Tracy or Maggie and tell them I gave you the number.

3. Volunteer your time as a counselor. There is a time commitment involved, as you agree to first go through training, and then volunteer a night a week. This is a great way to be on the front-lines of intervention with pregnant women who may be considering abortion.

4. Volunteer your time in other acts of service. Do you have computer and web development skills? Perhaps you could help with the PCC website. Do you have administrative skills? Perhaps you could serve as a board member.

5. Write a letter to the editor of one of our local newspapers. Who knows, it may get published and influence someone.

6. If you are a post-abortive man or woman, consider offering to share your testimony in local churches as a representative of the Pregnancy Care Center of Niles. Churches need to hear your stories, even though they are painful to share. As churches grow in compassion and understanding it will create a more compassionate context for helping both unwed mothers and post-abortive women and men.

7. Be sexually pure. Many abortions are from pregnancies resulting from premarital or extramarital sex. Your sexual fidelity in marriage and your abstinence as a single person will honor the Lord, protect your own heart and that of others, and remove the possibility of a "crisis" pregnancy.

8. Teach and encourage abstinence. Perhaps you should try to get into local high schools to give a presentation on abstinence. This could be a very effective way for young married couples to minister to students.

9. "Adopt" a young woman in the midst of a crisis pregnancy. open your home. Give her a place to stay. Help her through the crisis and give hope.

10. Adopt a child.

11. Speak out. At work and with your neighbors, don't shy away from the topic of abortion. Be informed and be brave. Speak the truth. Raise awareness.

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Jeffrey A. Norris said...

Thanks for a heart-wrenching message Sunday. It was grievous, but the right thing to do. I ordered this for us to evaluate for community groups. http://www.str.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Featured_product