Olasky and Grudem on Evangelical Feminism; Groothuis on Grudem; A Question on Egalitarianism

World magazine's Marvin Olasky has now interviewed New Testament scholar Wayne Grudem about his new book Evangelical Feminism: A New Path to Liberalism. I've not read this book, but have read this interview. My official stance has been and now is complementarianism, and I understand the reasons behind Grudem's assertion that the hermeneutics which lead to egalitarianism can also open the door for theological liberalism.

But while reading book reviews on Amazon last night, I was surprised to discover that Denver Seminary's Douglas Groothuis gives Grudem's book a bad review. It also appears that one of Groothuis's relatives (wife) is a leading proponent of the egalitarian perspective. I didnt' know this, but then I've not read any of Groothuis's books. I simply recognized him as the author of Truth Decay, a book on postmodernism that I suspect I would be very much in agreement with.

Anyway, Groothuis's (and other's) comments have made me realize the need to read both sides of the argument. It seems that at least some evangelical egalitarians do not feel that their arguments are being taken seriously enough. Maybe so, maybe no. But I'd like to read for myself.

Question: can someone recommend the best book defending an egalitarian perspective?

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