Blue Like Jazz

Just finished Don Miller's book Blue Like Jazz. (Yes, I FINALLY got to it!). I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself laughing more than once and tearing up at least once (when Don tells about the conversion of Laura, his atheist friend at Reed College). Like Driscoll's book, this one is thought-provoking and mind-stretching. But I have no desire to critique the book. It helped me in several ways. (1) I resonated with Miller's diagnosis of the fundamental human problem of self-absorption.

The most difficult lie I have ever contended with is this: Life is a story about me. (p. 182).

(2) I was convicted by Miller's story of learning to love people the way Jesus does. How I need this. How our church needs this. God, help us learn this.

(3) I was refreshed by Miller's authenticity. This guy isn't trying to impress anyone, I don't think. He's just being honest. I liked that. And I'm glad I read the book - (so, thank you Russ, Del, Lisa, Stephen, Roy, Jeff, Jason, and Andy for bringing it to my attention in various ways over the past two years!).

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Anonymous said...

The quote you mentioned is so true. I spend a third of my prayer time thinking about how great I am going to be. Another third asking God to help me focus on him, and than I sleep the last third away. It so hard to belive God is more important when every day you get slammed by a culture that says the I is more important then the WE. We really do need to change.