Questions from a Preschooler

One of the great delights of being a parent is enjoying each stage of a child's development. Our oldest son Stephen is four and is FULL of questions . . . . literally, ALL DAY LONG! (I don't know how Holly does it!). Unfortunately, we forget these too quickly, so I thought I'd post a few that I can still remember.

"Where is the door to Africa?" - Stephen's question to Holly while I was gone to South Africa on a mission trip last summer.

"Where do snakes go poo-poo?" - Just a curiosity question during dinner last week. We'd never thought about that before!

"When is God going to get married?" - One of Stephen's many theological questions!

"Did you ask God to help you not sin?" - This was yesterday, after I asked Stephen to forgive me for yelling in one of my lesser moments of the week.

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