The Great Raid

A new war-film entitled The Great Raid opened in theaters last weekend. The film stars James Franco (Spiderman), Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Fiennes (Luther), and Connie Nielsen (Gladiator). It is a well-scripted story of the largest rescue operation in American military history and is based on historical events. The acting is good and the characters likable and honorable. It is not a film for children (or adults with weak stomachs) having earned an R-rating for graphic violence. But it is not nearly as violent as Saving Private Ryan and doesn’t have even half of the profanity (though it has its share). Faith in God and traditional Judeo-Christian morality is portrayed honorably, as is heroism and patriotism. I found it a very engaging film which made me want to applaud any veterans who may have been in the theater watching the movie with me. In addition, the film was valuable for me in helping me grasp the reality of what missionary Darlene Diabler Rose suffered in a Japanese prison camp during World War II, as described in her excellent book Evidence Not Seen. For a detailed review, see

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